Industrial, Commercial, & Multi-Unit

J.R. Hobbs is a leading mechanical contractor, providing expert plumbing and piping systems design-build and plan and specification construction of mechanical systems from under-ground plumbing to above ground systems for industrial, commercial, and multi-unit construction projects.

Our thorough mechanical systems pre-construction, project alignment and project management processes and our piping, plumbing and fabrication capabilities allow us to efficiently forecast, plan, schedule and implement plumbing project construction. We integrate plumbing and piping systems construction into your project timelines to help ensure a seamless, continuous workflow—coordinated with related mechanical systems construction, such as heating and HVAC—as well as construction processes by the other trades involved in your project.

The result is efficient utilization of resources, expert problem solving, minimal changes, on-time completion and unsurpassed quality and integrity of workmanship on your plumbing systems project.

Plumbing and Piping Systems Solutions

Domestic Water Supply & Distribution Piping Systems

Sanitary Drainage Piping Systems

Storm Water Drainage Systems

Backflow Prevention Systems