At J.R. Hobbs, we’ll bid mechanical systems projects to exact plan specifications, but also provide a Project Plan Analysis. We frequently see value engineering opportunities that present time, materials, and other savings—without compromising the integrity of your project. Through our thorough bid and analysis process, we identify potential construction issues, look for omissions, provide solutions to avoid excessive change orders, budget and schedule overruns, and also look for the unexpected—like site anomalies or local and regional code variations. As such, many architects, construction managers and contractors, and building owners invite us into the process early to consult in the pre-construction phase.

While some contractors are known to bid low and make their margins on change orders, we all know making changes on paper rather than on the jobsite saves everyone time, money and problems. Through our bid and plan analysis process, you get a more thorough, accurate, and honest bid upfront. At J.R. Hobbs, we believe the integrity of our bid is just as important and the integrity of our work.