Any reasonably competent HeatingHVAC contractor is capable of reading plans, following specifications and installing systems. Talent however, allows us to bring more to the table—with the ability to identify mechanical system and plan enhancements, improve overall project performance and enable cost savings without compromising quality. Talent can also mitigate potential issues before they occur and help avoid expensive change orders and problems or worse.

While skills are taught and experience is earned, talent is inherent in the make-up and character of the people we attract and hire. At J. R. Hobbs, we seek and hire talented people who possess:

An innate ability to think differently and view things from multiple perspectives

The ability and desire to solve complex problems

A penchant for accuracy and precision

Great communication skills

A Forward thinking ability for looking and planning ahead

A positive attitude and the integrity to always do what’s right.

We support our talent with training and resources. We create a workplace environment where individuals are encouraged to apply their skills and talents and collaborate to maximize individual contributions to optimize project outcomes.

Exceptional talent is what sets J.R. Hobbs apart from other mechanical contractors.